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The most powerful weapon of manufacturers are no longer heavy, giant machines but technological innovations, to optimize efficiency and streamline the entire product manufacturing value chain, while reimagining the products that can be made when digitalization takes center stage.

With more than 20 years of experience, FPT Software combines velocity, agility, and unique method to transform traditional production lines into smart digital factories while driving outstanding business outcomes.

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FPT Software Manufacturing

The main beauty about FPT is the flexibility and the speed of people. That's what we need when it comes to Digital Transformation, especially for Schaeffler.

Prof. Han Boon Siew

Chief Digitalization Officer & Chief Information Officer
Schaeffler Asia-Pacific

FPT Software Manufacturing

What set us apart

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We offer a unified system connecting services, technologies, and industry talents to help you drive holistic transformation and exponential growth.

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Deep Expertise

The accumulated knowledge of Digital Transformation for Manufacturing with 150+ clients across domains all over the world.

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Technology Competence

Our extensive know-how in the integration & development of RPA, MES, Data Platform that enable factories to gain a competitive edge and outpace the market.

FPT Energy & Utilities

How we can help

    DX for Manufacturing

  • DX Consulting for Factories
  • Industrial IoT/ IoT
  • Digital SCM

    DX for Construction:

  • Customize, plugin development for Design, Design support tools #Solibri, Rhino, SketchUp, FlowDesigner, ArchiCAD, ARES, AutoCAD, Tekla, Rebro, CheX, Revit
  • Legacy Transformation/DX for Construction Customer
  • RPA for Construction Engineering
  • AI in Construction
  • DX for Smart City:

  • Inbuilding: BIM
  • Outbuilding: Charging Station Management, Energy Management

    Digital Transformation

  • Legacy Transformation
  • Cloud Native
  • AI/Data Analytics
  • Lowcode/ RPA
  • CyberSecurity
  • CX/Digital Marketing

DX for Manufacturing

DX for Construction & Smart City

Digital Transformation

Our solutions for intelligent manufacturing

All-in-one MOM/MES Package

akMES is a Digital Manufacturing Platform
designed to help boost productivity across
manufacturing sectors from materials collection,
operator assignment, and quality control, to
product delivery.

Robotic Process Automation

akaBot is a comprehensive RPA Solution for
organizations to overcome pressing business
challenges with complete services, mini solutions,
and competitive licensing costs.

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