FPT Software
and GE Predix

A GE’s Predix Global Partner

FPT and GE Predix

As GE’s Predix Global Partner, FPT is able to bring the benefits of direct access to latest technical knowledge, tools and resources from Predix to meet the evolving needs of our global customers on their journeys with the Predix Platform.

FPT's GE Predix Offerings

Application Migration To Predix

  • Assess and analyze existing applications for Predix integration
  • Develop roadmap and design Predix migration and/or integration roadmap
  • Migrate existing applications to Predix
  • Implement Regression and load testing for applications on Predix

Service Migration To Predix

  • Microservices design from existing components.
  • Migrate to Predix microservices
  • Implement Regression and load testing for microservices on Predix

Application Development On Predix

  • Predix-based Application Development

Why FPT's Predix

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Strong Resources

  • FPT is the GE Global Partner with the most number of Predix certified engineers
  • Commitment to train 500 Predix resources in 2016
  • Cooperating with FPT University to implement Predix Academy
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Areas of Expertise

  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • R&D
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Values To Clients

  • Increased Agility
  • Accelerated
  • Innovation
  • Cost Efficiency

Our Partner Speaks

FPT GE Partner

“It’sIt’s a pleasure to be working with FPT engineering team who has strong software development knowledge and experience in building solutions.

The team was quick to pick up new technologies and frameworks and has diverse skill set in building end to end solutions that include creation of REST based services, dashboards and device integration.

FPT team has been a great team player and always ready to take on new challenges in providing innovative solutions. Thank you team for all your contributions.”

Mr. Lakshmi Shekaripuram

Director of Software Engineering, Predix Advanced Engagements.

FPT GE Partner