No code/Low-code

Empower greater responsiveness and faster
speed to value

An easy route to agility

FPT Software's low-code/no-code solutions and platforms enable
enterprises to simplify and accelerate the software development
process, thereby achieving business responsiveness and agility
while improving bottom lines. 

Our Low-code/no-code approach is especially desirable for
small to medium-sized businesses who wish to wield the
technology advantages of large enterprises by promoting process
automation and eliminating coding resource scarcity.

Improve productivity
Reduce development costs
Enhance user satisfaction
Resolve resource shortage
Simplify app development
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Our customers

How we help

End-to-end Services

  • Reseller
  • Assessments
  • Implementation
  • Global Roll out

Development Services

  • Digital Labs
  • Lotus Notes Transformantion
  • Modernization & New Development

Managed Services

  • Ticket Requests
  • Technical Upgrade
  • Authorization Management

Our Low-code platform

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A no-code workflow solution to manage and digitalize all business workflow processes on a single platform, to help businesses overcome expansion challenges with comprehensive services, optimal solutions, and reasonable costs. FezyFlow presents 4 main modules:

FezyFlow Studio: Quick and easy module for setting up your work processes

FezyFlow Portal: Complete, comprehensive and user-friendly portal.

FezyFlow Monitor: Real-time report & dashboard with various insights to quickly identify bottlenecks, find improvement opportunities 

FezyFlow Template: Standard processes built upon experience serving many businesses
Explore the Product

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A data migration tool developed by FPT Software provides seamless migration, superior data fidelity and full pack of services to enterprises with 03 components:

Analyzer: Navigate successful migration plan

Data Migration: Transform data format to be compatible with new environment

Archive: Retain archives before and after migration

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Low-code partner Ecosystem

  • OSX Digital Labs Services
  • IBM Lotus Notes Transformation
  • Integration solution with SAP core system
  • Big Data & Data Hub Integration
  • Legacy Systems Modernization to Lowcode (Cobol, AS400 ...)
  • Assessment and Advisory
  • Development/Upgrade: To build Mobile/Web app, Automate flows, BI System, Virtual agent
  • Extended Customization: To make Advanced features, Custom Integration
  • Managed Services and CoE
  • Strategy, Assessment & Roadmap
  • Transformation & Migration: Pega Marketing, Robotic Automation, Page Platform Implement Services, System Integration, Workbook & User Stories Creation
  • Management & Optimization: Managed services, center of excellence, DevOps for Pega
  • Application Development: Develop new application, Using drag & drop, Develop UI scripts, Develop business rules
  • Customization: For existing application, Customize UI, Customize business rules
  • Integration: Integrate with 3rd party application, Integrate with DataSource, Integrate between instances
  • Build Apps Fast: Productivity & collaboration tools, Visual process models
  • Build Once, Run Anywhere across digital touchpoints
  • Integrate Data Seamlessly: No-code/Low-code Integrations, No Data Migration, integration SDK
  • Administration with A+ security rating
Service Now
  • Strategy, Assessment & Roadmap Services
  • Transformation & Migration: ServiceNow Procurement, ServiceNow Implementation Services, Industry Frameworks for ServiceNow, Systems Integration, Workbook and User Stories Creation
  • Management & Optimization
  • Development Team as a Services: dedicated team assigned to meet client’s business objective on Salesforce.
  • Managed Services at Scale: tailored Salesforce Managed Services
  • Enterprise MuleSoft Integration: Integrate SaaS and Legacy Application with Mulesoft IaaS
  • Industry CRM Transformation: Lead E2E Industry CRM transformation & adoption
  • Business App
  • B2B/B2C Commerce Consulting