Is your enterprise on par with the exponentially growing data?

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83% of businesses are not treating data as capital. FPT
Software’s Data Transformation
brings innovative solutions
through dedicated experts, advanced technologies, and unique
engagement framework.

Are you on the path to becoming data-driven enterprise? Let’s
leverage our Data Analytics ecosystem to uncover hidden
patterns, correlations, and values.

Our End-To-End Services

Data Transformation

Support on data strategy from governance, data utilization, AI & X-analytics research and development

Data Modernization

  • Digital innovation (Outsourcing Services, Next-Gen Technologies, Digital Platform Services, Enterprise Services)
  • Data Engineering and DataOps / MLOps support
  • Big Data management

Platform Products

  • Digital platform implementation engagement to support data management and utilization business cases
  • Partner products (Dataiku/ Palantir/ Snowflake…) and FPT data platform product

X-Analytics & Valorization 

AI/ X-analytics (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, data augmentation…) services with clear DX Garage engagement model (MVP, end-user view…) and support for data usage/ monetization through API/ integration

Insight on Demands

Full set of pre-packaged analytics services to quickly deliver values from the customer data and offering an easy way to step into big data analytics while  addressing business challenges

Self Directed Services

Setting up full data & analytic capabilities with both tooling and/ or skill & staff augmentation (AI & X-Analytics Garage..) to support and extend your internal data team and businesses