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FPT Software offers a full array of cloud services and solutions, encompassing from cloud migration, system orchestration, advanced cloud-based problem resolution, to necessary workforce enablement and culture changes needed for lasting success.

Our experts are fully equipped across every major industry to bring a unique, customized set of solutions and platforms, to help businesses fully thrive in the cloud.

Our cloud capabilities

Cloud Transformation

  • Consultancy and blue-print roadmap
  • Cloud Discovery & Assessment
  • Cloud Strategy and roadmap
  • Security Assurance

Migration & Modernization

Lift & Shift – Strangler Migration & Modernization – Landing Zone

Automation & Optimization

Legacy System Transformation

System & Application Modernization

Cloud Native & Development

Containerization & Cloud Native

Cloud-native Implementation & Refactoring

Development of full cloud-based solution (public, private, and edge cloud)


Cloud Operations

Cost Management & Optimization

Performance Optimization

Security & Monitoring

AIOps Cloud Operations and Management

Cloud Products

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud CloudSuite for all cloud operations and management activities

Container Platform Management akaConnect to support all cloud native integration

DX Digital Cloud Garage

Cloud Digital environment that supports customers into their cloud discovery, migration and modernization with sets of best practices and quick Business Minimum Infrastructure

Our partner network

What sets us apart

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Top Professional Service Provider

  • Top provider in Asia/Pacific by Gartner
  • Enterprise-grade End-to-End Services
  • Expert in Cloud Migration using Agile Methodology
  • Ever Growing & Evolving Cloud Innovation
  • 1000+ Certified Cloud Engineers
  • Partnership with Azure, AWS, GCP

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Advanced Technology Platform

  • FPT Cloud Suite & DX Platform
  • Minimum Business Infrastructure
  • 50+ Reference Solutions in Digital Labs
  • Security Compliance & Threat Protection
  • Cloud-base Data Platform

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Proven Methodology

  • Digital Kaizen & DX Garage
  • Success with F500 companies
  • Focus on Agility and Critical Missions
  • 1000+ Projects with 100+ Customers in 30 countries
  • Centralized DX Group & Cloud Center of Excellence