Digital Processing

Drive business growth through efficiency

Transforming your business with our BPO Services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) service brings several financial benefits to businesses with great flexibility and helps them adapt to the changing market dynamics.

Acknowledging the potential value of this market, we make it our core mission to deliver better performance and improve efficiency for businesses. By consulting and providing BPO services, we help our clients streamline business operations, enhance productivity, and enrich corporate value to foster sustainable growth.

Reasons to go with us

FPT Software Digital Processing Services

In-depth Experiences

We have more than ten years of experience providing data processing services as an alternative to manual data input and physical management for more than 50 clients worldwide.

FPT Software Digital Processing Services

Multilingual Support

Our operation teams are present globally and available in many languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, Bahasa, Thai, and Vietnamese.

FPT Software Digital Processing Services

Integrated Automation Platforms and Products in One Package

Self-developed input systems and automation platforms are integrated to reach 99.98% accuracy and shorten delivery time.

How we help

Digital Processing Services

  • Data entry
  • OCR
  • Data Collection
  • Other projects related to data systems

Digital Services

Convert raw data into different forms on demand

  • E-book creation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • CG Production
  • Movie production
  • Website production

AI/DATA Science Service

  • Automatically create features and attribute data for machine learning and AI on demand
  • Image processing and Annotation
  • Digital 3D editing

Share Service & Call Center

  • Multi-contact function
  • CTI function (operator refers to customer information on screen)
  • IVR function (automatic voice response device)
  • Email magazine function
  • Human resources such as supervisor or operator