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Thriving used to be about massive revenue and huge profits. But for aviation companies, in these turbulence times, thriving equals to being resilient. With smaller revenue pool and sluggish recovery in air travel demand, cost savings and operation efficiency are no longer options but conditions to survive. To stay afloat, it is vital for most players in the industry to be more aggressive and even more creative in streamlining processes and reducing expenses.

Having a deep technological knowledge, global insights and a large pool of aviation experts, FPT Software is delivering efficiency and innovation to multiple enterprises in the domain. From passenger journey to operations, we create solutions that ensure resilience, foster agility and accelerate results.

The new reality needs new approaches and partners. The right recovery strategy needs people who support you and work out new solutions for you.

Skywise Partner

Skywise is the open data platform developed by Airbus for the aviation industry, providing invaluable insights from the massive amounts of data that was previously locked in corporate and functional silos.

Since 2019, FPT Software has been one of Airbus’s Skywise certified partners, helping a wide range of aviation players gather, standardize, and integrate data to the platform.

The partnership between two companies not only enables enterprises to reach new insights into technical operations, but also comprehensively transform their whole performances through disruptive digital services and solutions.

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Proud to be trusted by giants

FPT Aviation Services
FPT Aviation Services

FPT is a strategic partner with a long history of successful collaboration with Vietnam Airlines. Over the past years, FPT has helped provide effective solutions for us. Entering the third phase of this strategic partnership, I expect FPT to help Vietnam Airlines make an impressive change, recover from Covid-19 and offer Vietnam Airlines customers the best new technology experience.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Minh

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Vietnam Airlines

“Skywise is a global aviation industry project. […] We are in this together not only for the short term but also set for a long future ahead.”

Mr. Mathew Evans

Former Vice President of
Digital Transformation Airbus

FPT Aviation Services
FPT Aviation Services
FPT Energy & Utilities

Our offerings

Operation Optimization

    Offer the solutions that are designed to meet the need of
    immediate cost savings and efficiency enhancement

  • Technical Operations: Reliability, Predictive
    Maintenance, Flight Operations,…
  • Non-Technical Operations: Standard Operation
    Procedure, Automation & Outsourcing, Business
    Insights, ERP,..
  • End-to-End Optimization

Workforce Excellence

    Provide a balance of cost-efficient staffing and employee

  • Process automation
  • Staff engagement improvement
  • Management enhancement
  • Remote work enablement

Passenger Journey Enhancement

    Focus on improving passenger experience and creating key
    brand differentiators for long-term growth, such as:

  • Customer engagement
  • Contactless passenger Journey
  • In-flight entertainment & connectivity

Operation Optimization

Workforce Excellence

Passenger Journey Enhancement

Up to $100,000 can be saved per year for each aircraft just by optimizing three workflows: Water Uplift, Maintenance Interval Scheduling, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Handling.

Save your business dollars right away and at minimum initial cost with our off-the-shelf solutions.

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